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Propane Appliances: Improve Our Planet Today | Shipley Energy

Posted by Shipley Energy Team on 5/28/15 2:17 PM

After a weekend of grilling and drinking, looking at an empty propane tank can make you feel some serious animosity. Propane energy is becoming a key source of energy in America, replacing gasoline and fuel oil for a cleaner alternative. If you are interested in leaving a healthy environmental footprint on this earth, then switching to a propane appliance could be a viable option for you.  

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Shopping For An A/C Unit: What To Look For | Shipley Energy

Posted by Shipley Energy Team on 5/26/15 9:48 AM

AC_unitWhen the weather heats up, thinking about cooling down your home can make you sweat-- literally. Installing or replacing a new air conditioning unit can be a stressful time, but it doesn’t always have to be. Research and develop a game plan before shopping around to reduce your anguish and ensure that you will buy the most effective product.
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Child Safety: Make Your Home Safe | Shipley Energy

Posted by Shipley Energy Team on 5/20/15 4:47 PM

Whether you’re a parent of one or a grandparent of 15, your protective paternal instincts are constantly engaged. These concerns are never more prevalent than when your kids are playing around electrical equipment.

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Electricity Use: Eye-Opening Facts! | Shipley Energy

Posted by Shipley Energy Team on 4/16/15 1:44 PM

It’s a fact of life that we all need to rely on electricity in our modern homes. In fact, we use electricity virtually every second of every day, whether it’s for cooking, for powering our electronic devices or for drying our clothes and hair.

Let’s take a step back and look at some fascinating facts about electricity that you might not have known before. Some of these may be eye-openers for you!

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Upgrading Your Electrical Services | Shipley Energy

Posted by Shipley Energy Team on 4/8/15 9:00 AM


Your home runs on electricity, yet it’s simple to overlook the care of your electrical service panel. Until you lose power.  Then, it’s understood how important it can be to keep your electrical service panel updated to prevent inconvenient situations like these from occurring.

Some may consider getting an electrical service upgrade an unnecessary home owner's expense.  However, your home will reap the benefits in the long-run, considering the fact that you will be protecting the value of your home.  So you may be asking, why should I invest in a service panel upgrade and how will it enhance my home?

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Finding a Reliable Propane Supplier | Shipley Energy

Posted by Shipley Energy Team on 3/30/15 10:49 AM

This past winter, propane customers across the region were impacted by severe weather conditions for the second year in a row.  Local and regional propane supply was compromised by a combination of extreme cold, poor output by refineries, delayed rail switches, and tight pipeline allocations.  Regional terminals had difficulty providing enough supply to meet demand.  So, how can you be sure to choose the right propane supplier to avoid propane shortages next winter?

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Energy Predictions: What To Expect | Shipley Energy

Posted by Shipley Energy Team on 2/27/15 4:40 PM

If any of you have stepped outside recently, you can attest to the fact that this winter’s cold snap has brought us record breaking numbers and more frozen pipes than we can even handle. And even though much of the eastern and southern U.S. is experiencing much warmer than average weather this week, a wide swath of the country is still in the deep freeze, with wind chills in the teens and single digits across much of the Plains, the Southwest and the Northwest. 
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When Should I Clean My Air Ducts? | Shipley Energy

Posted by Shipley Energy Team on 2/18/15 5:08 PM

Has your home been recently remodeled or renovated? Do you think you might have an animal infestation? Do you notice pet hairs wafting into a room through your air ducts? Do you have substantial visible mold inside your air duct or in other parts of your heating and cooling system? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should consider having your air ducts cleaned!


              Before                                                                                            After

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Explaining SEER: Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio | Shipley Energy

Posted by Shipley Energy Team on 2/13/15 9:02 AM


Does your home use a cooling system, such as an air conditioner or heat pump? Do you ever wonder how efficiently your system operates?  Well, look no further than the cooling system’s SEER rating.  


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5 Things Every Homeowner Should Do Yearly

Posted by Shipley Energy Team on 1/19/15 11:00 AM

Being a homeowner is hard work. Whether you're new to the world of homeownership, or have owned your home for years, here are five things you should know and do yearly to keep your family comfortable and safe. 

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