ENERGY STAR: What Does It Mean? | Shipley Energy

Posted by Laura Bretz on 9/15/15 4:39 PM

Seeing the ENERGY STAR logo on appliances and computers is common. When you see that label, you know that the appliance will lower your home energy costs compared to other models. But there is a lot more to ENERGY STAR than a logo.

In 1992, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy created ENERGY STAR in the United States. It was created to reduce greenhouse gas emissions caused by the inefficient use of energy. The label also makes it easy for consumers to identify and purchase high-quality, energy-efficient products.

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Everything You Need To Know About Nuclear Power | Shipley Energy

Posted by Laura Bretz on 9/10/15 8:38 AM

Of all the energy types we use, nuclear energy is one of the newest forms.  Although ancient Greek philosophers first came up with the idea that all of life is composed of invisible particles called “atoms,” it wasn’t until the 18th and 19th century that scientists really started to pursue the theory. In 1904, British physicist Ernest Rutherford, the father of nuclear science, wrote “If it were ever possible to control at will the rate of disintegration of the radio elements, an enormous amount of energy could be obtained from a small amount of matter.” He was correct.

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Annual Furnace Inspections For Your Home's Safety | Shipley Energy

Posted by Laura Bretz on 9/2/15 11:01 AM

With winter approaching, now is the time to make sure your furnace is running at peak efficiency for the season!  As the temperatures threaten to drop, it may not be something you consider a requirement if your furnace has been working fine. You may even be wondering if annual inspection this year is truly necessary.

A great way to look at it is to compare an annual inspection to maintaining your car. If you don’t take care of your vehicle, a lot of things will break down before you realize it. However, like a car, proper maintenance will give you a much longer life on your furnace. By some professional estimates, approximately 75% of all furnace breakdowns in the winter are a result of improper maintenance. and both agree that a yearly inspection is absolutely necessary to prolonging the life of your furnace.

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Save Your Money And Power! | Shipley Energy

Posted by Laura Bretz on 8/28/15 9:24 AM

Did you know that the average American family has approximately 40 different appliances that are left plugged in when they’re not in use? That number may seem high, but if you break it down room by room, it’s not out of the realm of possibility. Your refrigerator, dishwasher, stove, toaster, coffee maker in the kitchen. You have a TV, cable or satellite box, Blu-ray player, gaming consoles and lamps. Not to mention any laptops, docking stations, or any other mobile device chargers that you have. The number adds up quickly.  

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Renewable Energy In The United States | Shipley Energy

Posted by Laura Bretz on 8/19/15 12:00 PM

There is no denying that petroleum, natural gas, and coal are the main sources of energy in the United States. With that in mind, it may come as a surprise that in 2014, approximately 10% of the energy consumed in the United States came from renewable sources. Renewables also account for approximately 13% of the nation’s total electricity production.

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The United States Carbon Footprint | Shipley Energy

Posted by Laura Bretz on 8/14/15 6:30 PM

Typically, not much thought is put into energy, where it comes from, and how it’s used.  Energy in all of its forms is part of everyday life and has a huge impact on the United States.  From President Obama’s rules on climate change to the ongoing debate over fracking and the Keystone XL pipeline, the topic of energy is brought up often.  Looking at the numbers of how Americans use their energy is both fascinating and shocking.

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Renewable Future - Biofuel Energy | Shipley Energy

Posted by Laura Bretz on 8/10/15 12:00 PM

Biofuel Energy – The Renewable FutureThere is no doubt that fossil fuels are a finite resource that will run out one day.  It’s a commodity that takes millions of years to form, is difficult to get, and is not renewable.  When we’ve used all of the fossil fuels on the planet, it will be an extremely long time before we will be able to acquire more.  However, there are more options for fuel than using wood, solar, or electricity.  The one that has recently made headlines is biofuel.



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A Guide To Understanding Heat Pumps | Shipley Energy

Posted by Laura Bretz on 8/6/15 9:00 AM

What is a heat pump?

In its most basic form, a heat pump acts very much like a refrigerator.  When it's cold outside, a heat pump pulls exterior heat inside. When it's warm outside, it reverses directions and acts like an air conditioner, removing heat from your home.  A compressor circulates refrigerant that absorbs and releases heat as it travels between the indoor and outdoor units.  The indoor unit is called an air handler and the outdoor unit is very similar to a central air conditioner, but is called a heat pump.

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Preventative Measures To Save Your HVAC System | Shipley Energy

Posted by Shipley Energy Team on 7/29/15 4:30 PM

Sometimes it can be difficult to look beyond the “right now”. A similar feeling can take place in regards to our HVAC systems: if it seems to be working fine, we assume nothing is wrong with it. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?  

WRONG! The problem here is that A/C units can seem very temperamental, breaking down at the absolute worst time. However, there are preventative measures that you can take to ensure that you won’t lose air conditioning in 97 degree humidity. These measures can reduce unexpected breakdowns of your unit by 70%, and reduce overall energy consumption by 25%. 

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Mid-Summer Energy Outlook: What To Expect | Shipley Energy

Posted by Shipley Energy Team on 7/23/15 4:30 PM

Do you worry about your monthly energy bill, and the slight breeze of change that might knock your finances out of whack? It’s strange to say that the gentle wind that is causing your energy bill to go up or down may actually be coming from continents away.

Since we are starting the downhill slope into the back-end of the summer, Shipley Energy thought it prudent to update our customers on what is happening around the globe, and how that is impacting the energy market outlook overall.


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