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Posted by Shipley Energy Team on 8/3/16 9:30 AM

If you are struggling to make ends meet, or simply want to budget for your energy bills…you have options! At Shipley we work with our customers to make energy easy and that is why we implemented the following programs to help you with your bills:

1. Sign up for a Budget Plan

The Shipley Energy budget plan works like this: Shipley analyzes your past usage, and estimates an approximate cost for your usage for the next year. We then divide this number into equal monthly payments. The budget plan allows us to predict what your bills may be so you, the customer, can budget accordingly. Shipley regularly reviews your account to ensure that there are no surprises if you go over your estimated usage.

2. Cap Pricing- Heating Oil and Propane

With cap pricing, your price per gallon will never go above your capped rate. However, if the market price goes down, the amount you pay will also decrease. Your price may decrease, but it will never go above your capped rate. This way, you will know how much you will need to pay per gallon and not have to worry about that price going up. To make it even more stress free, you are able to combine both a budget and a cap plan.

3. Enroll in a fixed rate plan

Fixed rate plans are available for natural gas and electricity. This plan offers a fixed rate that does not change for the duration of your contract. The market price may fluctuate but the rate that you pay will remain the same regardless of the market. Enrolling in a fixed rate plan can help you budget for the amount of money you need to set aside to pay your electricity bill. Call Shipley and ask for your average monthly usage to help you gauge a better estimate for your home.

4. LIHEAP- Heating Oil and Propane

Shipley Energy is a LIHEAP supplier. LIHEAP is a government funded program that assists in paying energy bills for low-income families. If your home is heated by propane or heating oil, check to see if you are eligible for LIHEAP here, or visit our LIHEAP page for more info.

Ensure peace of mind by calling Shipley today at (800) 839-1849 and discuss your personal energy bill plan.


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